Friday, September 30, 2011

Morning Routine

Greetings from Chicago
Each weekday morning is pretty similar around our place. Monday thou Friday my husband and I get up at ruffly the same time each day. I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, while he gets dressed, then we switch, and head to the gym.
Once were home, my husband has a bowl if cereal-ususaly Cheerios (side note: is it weird that I feel good if starts the day with that, so that if he ends up eating fast food for lunch, its "offset" somehow)- and I sit next to him, steal a bite of cereal, and then we get ready for the day.
So, I am wondering if any of your families are like mine. Do you all have a morning process? Do you always brush your teeth first? Does your husband have a favorite mug?  Is your morning predictable, or ever changing? I assume if you have kids the procedure is quite a bit more complex, but is it still pretty much the same daily?

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