Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedded Trips

Hello all- or some
This weekend my lovely husband and I took a small weekend getaway.
As you can see from previous posts, we live in Chicago. So, if you want to get away, but only have a day to do it, a good bet is Indiana. We both actually attended undergraduate in Indiana, and I family roots there, so it was  good fit.
Each year, the town of Kendallville has its annual Apple Festival. It has been happening for 20+ years, and my family has been attending for more years than I can remember. The festival celebrates all things apple. There is lots of food, crafts, fall decorations and general small town cozyness.
Last year, this trip was the scene of my husband's marriage proposal to me. That, however, is another post. Today, I wanted to post a picture of our trip, and ask you all: What are some of your favorite vacation spots with someone you love? Are there places you avoid? Do you go for weekend getaways, or prefer to do longer trips?

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