Monday, October 10, 2011

More Dinner Solutions

Some nights you have to have something easy ready for dinner. Earlier this week, I had this exchange:
Me:"What do you want for dinner?"
Husband: "I don't know. What do we have?"

Me: "Ummm, not too much. Pasta, eggs, bacon, some fruit"
Husband: "I don't want spaghetti again."
Me: "How about breakfast for dinner?"

Husband: "Oh, ok. Sounds good. Can I have french toast?"
Me:"Fine, but we have to have something healthy with that."

This is what I can up with-using bread, eggs, vanilla, apples, cinnamon, and bacon. lucky for me this dish takes only things we had on hand.

Dinner for breakfast is a long standing proud tradition when you need something easy and fast for dinner. The key for me here was to add sauteed apples as the topping to keep the french toast interesting, and you know, "healthy"

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