Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Adventures

So, this weekend is the first the husband and I have had where we had NOTHING already on our schedule. We did, however, receive an invitation to a friend's son's birthday party eventually (which of course we will be attending) but that wasn't until about Monday evening. Plus, that isn't until Sunday at 2:00, so basically, we had a weekend totally free of all commitment.
In planning out what we would be (and would not be) doing in the course of our weekend,we had a lot of ideas. It has been unseasonably warm here for the past week, so we wanted to take advantage of that bu eating outside some, and we also decided to go to the Chicago Premium Outlet Mall.
It seems to be that since I have been married, more of my shopping decisions are a shared venture.  Not just because the shopping money comes out of our joint account, though that is part of it. Also, my husband has taken an interest in what I wear.
Winter Coat

This trip was to focus on my need for a new winter purse. In the end, I found a purse, however, Mark picked out a new winter coat for me. I probably wouldn't have bought one if he wasn't there, encouraging me. He really liked the color and the cut, and pushed for me to get it. I really like it, but without his reaction I probably would have passed it up. In the end, he basically picked the coat for me, as well as some earrings. I picked out my purse and wallet.
I am curious, do any of your boyfriends or husbands ever pick out things for you at the store? Do they help? Suggest? Try to stay away from you when you shop?
lavender studs

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